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We know that when it comes to your business any delays can be harmful to profits. So we makes sure that our work does not impact your business.

Our Services

Estimating & Value Engineering

We offer accurate detailed estimates based off of construction documents prior to beginning the project.

Material Logistics

We will bring all materials such as tile, trim, grout, and mortar that the project will require.

Labor Services

We provide all manpower, skilled and unskilled, for the entirety of the project.

Project Oversight

We have our professionally trained supervisors watch over the progress to ensure that everything is on schedule and in accordance with the construction documents.

Quality Assurance

We have a checklist that is customized to your floor to ensure that everything is installed properly before completing project.

Cleaning & Owner Maintenance Training

We ensure that the floor is cleaned, buffed and ready to go and we show you how to make sure you get the best life for you floor.

Workmanship Guarantee

We offer a one year warranty on all of our completed work.

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Our History

The history of Mid State Tile is rooted in the great American dream and embodies hard work, perseverance, discipline and vision.

While attending Vanderbilt University, the founder of Mid State Tile had the vision and the trade skills to start the company.  However, lacked the business capital and certain corporate skills required to pioneer the company out right. 

Upon graduating with an engineering degree, the founder started working for one of the leading construction management firms in the U.S., Turner Construction.  During this tenure with Turner,  skills in financial management, quality control, safety administration and client relations were acquired. 

The vision of Mid State Tile disciplined and piloted the founder’s character such that the ability to start the company could be subsidized solely on the merits of the founder.  After several years of hard work, perseverance, dedication and commitment to the vision, the founder was in a position to proceed on the greatest of American dreams. 

Formally established in 2004, Mid State Tile has a strong knowledge of what it takes to be a successful company.  Guided by the principles of: integrity, quality craftsmanship, honor in schedule commitments and keeping safety a priority, Mid State Tile  looks to become the preferred hard tile contractor in the Middle Tennessee area.

Company Culture

The company culture of Mid State Tile is based foremost on accountability— accountability to our clients, accountability to our vendors and accountability to ourselves.  

The leadership of Mid State Tile understands the culture that flows through the company’s veins is initiated, executed and maintained by them.  As a result, leadership requires that for every project committed to Mid State Tile, client satisfaction is a priority, prompt vendor payment is mandatory and the buy in of project staff is critical. 

We are accountable to our clients first and foremost by understanding and following through with our client’s expectations, quality implementation of their plans and thorough understanding & execution of their specifications.  The primary vehicle to achieve complete client satisfaction is the “pre-start meeting.”  This meeting is held with the client prior to mobilization to discuss safety concerns, quality control and the project schedule such that any potential issues are planned for and ready for implementation at the job site before the first tile is laid.

We are accountable to our vendors by being a contractor who routinely pays promptly and without encouragement.  

We are accountable to our staff by giving them the resources to manage projects while allowing them to be stewards who are responsible for the successful outcome of their projects.

The benefits fostered by the company culture allows for satisfied clients, prosperous vendors and valued employees.  Therefore, clients can rest assured that any and all projects committed to Mid State Tile will be held to the utmost measure of success based on accountability.

Customer Satisfaction is our number
one priority during every project

Providing Quality
hard tile & installation

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We are a commercially licensed, bonded and insured tile contractor with a growing project portfolio that to date includes awarded work with Batten & Shaw on the Vanderbilt Cool Springs Surgery Center and the 107 Music City Circle projects; Brasfield & Gorrie on the HCA Horizon Ambulatory Care Center project and RC Mathew’s on the First Baptist Church of Clarksville project.